X-Pollination Jubilation

Cowbell's first event, the Cross-Pollination Jubilation, will be held at the Aggie on November 10th at 7:30pm. Music starts at 7.30 sharp.

This variety show will consist of 40+ musicians and the geniuses behind The Comedy Fort. Some of your favorite Colorado artists will embark on a magical evening of live performances, artistic imagery, and comedic parodies.

There will be a Covers Contest wherein all Musical Acts will perform at least two songs - one original and one cover. The winners will be announced in January, and will forever be known as the FIRST X-Pollinator Jubilator.



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Twinkles! is a Chase cover band, newly formed for this event. This is very likely the only time Twinkles! will perform, so mark your calendars! Chase was a 70s funk novelty with FOUR trumpets in the horn section. If you've never heard of Chase, do yourself a favor and watch the youtube video below.

Michael Kirkpatrick

“Michael Kirkpatrick has the voice of an anthropomorphic brontosaurus that has popped out of a children’s book to teach kids about the dangers of playing with matches” – The Scene Magazine

Veronica May & The Magnetics

“A true original. Veronica May’s music oozes with creativity and inventiveness, not to mention her tremendous talent. The first time I heard her play, I was smitten!” ~ Liz Abbott, SAN DIEGO TROUBADOUR

The Fists of the Proletariat

Steeped in the traditions of ska, The Fists of the Proletariat is Boulder's most dancing young people band. You read that right. Come dance youngly!

Ansel and the Brain Tattoos

If you've not yet seen this newly formed trio, you need to. Ansel Foxley, Taylor Tessler, and Darren Radach come together to create, as Ansel describes it: awesomeness.

"I cannot even describe how excited I am about my new project, Ansel and the Brain Tattoos, but I guess I'll try: I'm real damn excited!! Come check us out!"

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